Borgo Boreano, town of Venosa, Province of Potenza (Basilicata)

a group of workers from Burkina Faso occupies some abandoned farmhouses after being chased from PSG

Borgo Boreano 2009

Boreano is joined by a growing community of African workers chased from neighbouring sites (predominantly PSG and Grotta Paradiso).

Borgo Boreano 2011

pressured by public authorities, owners decide to destroy a series of occupied buildings, with the clear intent to stave off African immigrants.

Borgo Boreano 2014

despite the destruction of other habitats, the ghetto continues to grow in size

Borgo Boreano 2015








Borgo Boreano mosque








Couch in Borgo Boreano








Borgo Boreano







Haircut in Borgo Boreano

a Ghanaian worker named Peter Emmanuel Kyeremeh commits suicide in one of the shacks, finding it impossible to bear the circumstances;
not finding any relatives to dispose of the body, local volunteers bury him in a nearby cemetery


“I have gone to Boreano and come back… There is no work there for me. I was only hanging out, drinking and spending money, so I decided I cannot stay there. I decided Boreano is not safe for life.”










Tree in Borgo Boreano







Tree in Borgo Boreano

early 2016: a fire destoys part of the ghetto

Fire destroys Borgo Boreano







Fire destroys Borgo Boreano







Fire destroys Borgo Boreano

by decree of the mayor of Venosa, the site of Boreano is destroyed on 22 June 2016